Red Rover Ranch



Stay & play


RRR Provides:

  • All pre-existing training is consistently and conscientiously maintained.

  • We live in a 3-bedroom house on 3 acres of land. There is a large fenced-in wooded playground and open yard.

  • We also have a 500 square foot indoor space that has been converted into a playroom when there is inclement weather (rubber flooring throughout).

    There are plenty of dog beds to choose from. We also have crates of all sizes, if needed.

  • Your dog will enjoy a minimum of 3 hours of interactive exercise and socialization every day.

  • We have two resident canine apprentices. They are both mixed breeds. The oldest is Kirby - male, 11 y/o and 60 lbs. The youngest is Kaiya - female, 5 y/o, and 30 lbs. They love to help make your dog's stay delightful and entertaining!

  • Your dog will enjoy daily chew toys, balls, puzzle toys and tug toys for general enjoyment.

  • We will do everything to maximize and elevate your dog's vacation experience - regardless of the length of stay! Every interaction your dog has with us *positively* supports their continued skill you full peace of mind!

We are certified in Canine CPR and First Aid

You provide:

  • All food for the duration of stay

  • Bedding, blanket or bed

  • Walking collar/harness and leash

  • An item of clothing or blanket that smells like you and your home


Pick up and drop off at a convenient location halfway between our homes is included in the daily rate.
Pick up and drop off at your home or office - $25

$75 per day (each day - not night - that your dog is in our care is counted)
$25 per additional dog from the same household
$25 for pick up and drop off at your home or office

Payment Policy: 100% due on the boarding start date
Payment options: Venmo - a mobile payment service owned by PayPal that’s free and easy.
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