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We specialize in Puppy training!


ADULT DOGS: We do take a limited number of adult dogs for both boarding & training.
Due to the nature of certain behavioral cases that come to us, advanced booking and assessment is necessary for all adult dogs that board AND train.


Training Philosophy

All of our techniques are primarily Choice Based. We let the puppy choose many of their actions and then we reward them with high value motivators (food, praise, touch, toys, games and activities) for the actions we would like them to use and offer up more often! For actions that are less desirable, we simply let them experience that they can't have what they want in that moment. All of our training is deeply effective, extremely gentle and entirely humane! We help puppies choose behavior that ‘we’ humans consider social, kind, gentle, patient and being an upstanding member of their family and society. We foster a cooperative relationship with every puppy that is founded on love, trust, respect and scientific canine cognition.

Boarding & Training Environment

The training plan will be completely customized to your puppy's length of stay.

Your puppy will get a minimum of 4 hours of concentrated training every day. We break down each focused lesson into 15-30 minute intervals. There are also innumerable 5-minute pop learning games that take place throughout each day. Both of these approaches optimize the attention span of puppies and keeps learning fun, sweet and successful. We always end every lesson on a good note!

Your puppy will enjoy a minimum of 2 hours of interactive exercise and socialization every day - including hiking, playing fetch, playing with toys, playing with other dogs and leash walking.

In house canine trainers include: Kirby - male, 11 y/o and 60 lbs. and Kaiya - female, 5 y/o, and 30 lbs. Kirby is a remarkable mentor for puppies. He offers a grandfather-like wisdom and always models patience, unconditional acceptance, and love. Kaiya is a fabulous play partner! She will run, bounce and play with puppies until they are tuckered out! Both Kirby and Kaiya aim to make your puppy's stay delightful and entertaining!

We offer a 3-bedroom house on 3 acres of land. There is a large fenced-in wooded playground and open yard. We also have a 500 square foot indoor space that has been converted into a training and playroom when there is inclement weather (rubber flooring throughout). We also have a quick in & out fully fenced-in Potty Pen for puppy potty training.

Our home is equipped with dog-appeasing pheromone scents from Adaptil Diffuser to reduce anxiety (especially for puppies). We also use the gentle sounds of Through a Dog’s Ear - iCalm music, bio and psycho-acoustically relaxing music designed specifically for a dog's ear. These appealing scents and sounds ease your puppy's transition and infuse peace and tranquility throughout their stay.

Your puppy will also have daily chew toys, balls, puzzle toys and tug toys for general enjoyment.

Your Academy package includes an owner transition session where we demonstrate and detail everything you need to know to keep things going smoothly at home.

Core Values:

Say Please Protocol - Learning Polite Manners

  • Sit

  • Wait

  • Break

  • Here

  • Leave It

  • Loose Leash Walking: With Me & Wait

Impulse Control Protocol - Learning Patience

  • Leave It

  • Sit, Wait & Break for: All doorways/thresholds, coming out of the crate, leash being attached & removed, for meals, to greet people, to greet dogs, to begin all games & activities.

  • Bite inhibition*

  • Jumping inhibition*

  • Barking inhibition* (only when inappropriate or demanding).

    *A voluntary or involuntary restraint on the direct expression of an instinct.

Emotional Intelligence Protocol - Learning Peace

  • Socialization

  • Healthy Play Drive & Healthy Prey Drive

  • Preventing Resource Guarding

  • Extinguishing compulsive, excessive, phobic or chronic behaviors (destructive digging, destructive chewing, world fears, anxiety, stress, and other habitual coping mechanisms)


Canine CPR &
First Aid certified.

You provide:

  • Your dog or dogs

  • All food and treats for the duration of stay

  • Favorite toys

  • Walking collar/harness and leash

  • An item of clothing or blanket that smells like you and your home

Every interaction your puppy has with us positively supports their continued learning and skill building. We will do everything to maximize and elevate your puppy’s living and learning you full peace of mind!
— Rachel


Yes, We Do Crate Training

  • Crate Comfort Training - potty training & separation anxiety

  • Crate Games - positive association as a safe and meditative space

Go from pup to sophistipup.


Puppy Academy Tuition:

Two-Week Foundation Training - $2,500
Primarily designed to ensure that potty training, basic manners and the prevention of separation anxiety are fully accomplished.

One-Month Building Blocks Training - $5,000
This is a more intensive education of the Core Values and will instill in your puppy a primarily automatic patient, polite and peaceful responsiveness to all environments (indoors and outdoors).

Adult Dog Tuition:

Due to the nature of certain behavioral cases that come to us, we need to limit the number of adult dogs that come to us for BOTH boarding & training. If you are interested in having your dog board with us while we work to train your dog, please contact us to start the advanced booking and assessment process.

Board & Train - $175 (per day training fee)
Example: An enrollment for Monday morning through Sunday night would be 7 days: $1,225.

Please Contact Us for Questions or Enrollment

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