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Boarding & Training


Stay & Play

We are located on 3-acres of land just outside of I-495 in Massachusetts. Your dog can frolic and explore a large fenced in wooded playground and open yard. Red Rover Ranch is committed to elevating and maximizing your dog’s living experience with seasonal treats, toys, and plenty of dog beds to choose from. Every dog gets a minimum of three hours of interactive exercise and socialization every day - including hiking, playing fetch, playing with toys, and playing with each other. During inclement weather everyone can stretch their legs in a 500 square foot indoor play area with rubber flooring throughout. Being a professional training environment, we are very conscientious of pre-exisiting training and consistently make sure that it is maintained. You can feel secure knowing your dog is well cared for and loved! If there’s an emergency, we are canine CPR and First Aid certified. There is also a 24 hour veterinary hospital 4 miles from the house.




All of our techniques are primarily Choice Based. We let the dog choose their actions and then reward them with high value motivators (food, praise, touch, toys, games and activities) for the actions we would like them to use and offer up more often. For actions that are less desirable, we simply let them see that they can't have what they want in that moment. All of the training is deeply effective, extremely gentle and entirely humane! Our goal is to give dogs a clear understanding of the behaviors ‘we’ humans consider social, kind, gentle, patient and being an upstanding member of their family and society. We foster a cooperative relationship with every dog that is founded on love, trust, respect and science based canine cognition.