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In Your Home!

In Home Training is primary focused on training YOU, so you can train your dog. We will provide you with the tools to teach your dog how to be more attentive, self-aware, self-restrained and to make better social choices overall.

Training Philosophy

All of our techniques are primarily Choice Based. We will show you how to let your dog choose many of their actions and then we reward them with high value motivators (food, praise, touch, toys, games and activities) for the actions you would like them to use and offer up more often! For actions that are less desirable, you will learn how to simply let them experience that they can't have what they want in that moment. All of our training is deeply effective, extremely gentle and entirely humane! We help dogs choose behavior that ‘we’ humans consider social, kind, gentle, patient and being an upstanding member of their family and society. We help you foster a cooperative relationship with your dog that is founded on love, trust, respect and scientific canine cognition.


Say Please Protocol - Learning Polite Manners

  • Sit

  • Wait

  • Break

  • Here

  • Leave It

  • Loose Leash Walking: With Me & Wait

Impulse Control Protocol - Learning Patience

  • Leave It

  • Sit, Wait & Break for: All doorways/thresholds, coming out of the crate, leash being attached & removed, for meals, to greet people, to greet dogs, to begin all games & activities.

  • Bite *inhibition

  • Jumping *inhibition

  • Barking *inhibition (only when inappropriate or demanding).

    *A voluntary or involuntary restraint on the direct expression of an instinct.

Emotional Intelligence Protocol - Learning Peace

  • Socialization

  • Healthy Play Drive & Healthy Prey Drive

  • Preventing Resource Guarding

  • Extinguishing compulsive, excessive, phobic or chronic behaviors (destructive digging, destructive chewing, world fears, anxiety, stress, and other habitual coping mechanisms)

In Home Training Fees:

1 HOUR: $125

1.5 HOURS: $175

2 HOURS: $225

The longer the visit, the cheaper the hourly cost!

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